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What an odd planet we live on.

We have starvation and obesity going on at the same time.
We have been told over and over that bigger is better, unless it is your body, your thoughts or your goals.
We have been told to by medical industry to ‘Ask your doctor’ to take pill after pill after pill, that we have forgot what it is we are taking the pills for.
Companies spend tons of money to pull oil out of the earth to produce energy but we have free sun power that is ready to go and available everywhere.
We let companies do whatever to takes to make a profit so that our paycheck might be a little bigger.
We cannot accept that climate change is happening because we are use to instant gratification. If it does not happen in the next 30 seconds, it is not going to happen.
We covet the things we don’t need, and ignore the things we have.
We tell our farmers to stop farming because they produce too much, but then use hormones to produce larger crops.
We expect our children to behave like adults as soon as they can talk, then wonder why they leave us so fast to do their own thing.
We teach our children through might, not by example. We will spank them, and tell them “You do not hit” at the same time.
We think our children are happy and successful, but we fail to see their pain, stress and worries.
We tell our children not to do things that are socially unacceptable, because ‘that is what college is for.’ Then wonder why our campus’ are so dangerous.
We demand everything to be easy, then wonder why we do not advance ourselves.
We bully those around us to think like we do, because we are too afraid that things are just too different and we don’t want to change.
We think that our freedoms are being taken away because someone else has gain their freedom.
We think killing is wrong, but allow the our governments to kill someone because we are too busy to deal with it.
We think that everything is so important that we cannot turn our technology off. Even if has a chance of killing us as we text and drive.
We are so worried about what everyone else is doing, that we forgot what we are doing.
We want a clean, safe community to live in, as long as it does not interfere with our lifestyle.
We are quick to post our opinions online about Social Problems, but we never post solutions to help fix them.

We are all dealing with so many issue today, Abortion, Affirmative Action, Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), Ageism / Age Discrimination, Airport Screening Procedures, Airport Security, Alcoholism, Animal Rights, Anorexia Nervosa, Anti-Muslim Discrimination, Binge Drinking, Birth Control, Bulimia Nervosa, Bullying, Campus Crime, Capital Punishment / Death Penalty, Chemical Weapons, Child Abuse, Child Labor, Classism, Climate Change, Cloning, Colorisim, Cloud Hacking, Computer Hacking, Corporal Punishment, Corporate Downsizing, Cyber Bullying, Date Rape, Disaster Relief, Domestic Violence, Dream Act, Drinking and Driving, Driving While Black, Drug Abuse / Drug Addiction, Eating Disorders, Ebola Virus Disease, Embryonic Stem Cell Research, Environmental Pollution, Environmental Racism, Equal Pay, Euthanasia / Mercy Killing / Assisted Suicide, Excessive Force By Law Enforcement, Felony Disenfranchisement, Gang Violence, Gay Rights, Genetic Engineering, Genetically Modified Food, Gentrification, Global Warming, Gun Control, Gun Rights, Hate Crimes, Hazing, Health Care Disparities, Health Care Reform, HIV / AIDS, Home Forclosures, Homelessness, Honor Killings, Human Trafficking, Hunger, Identify Theft, Illegal Immigration, Legalization of Marijuana, Legalization of Prostitution, Mall Shootings, Mass Murder, Meth Labs (Methamphetamine Laboratories), Militarization of Police, Minimum Wage, NRA (National Rifle Association), Obesity, Organ and Body Donation, Outsourcing Jobs, Pedophilia, Photobombs, Police Brutality, Police Militarization, Pollution, Pornography, Poverty, Prayer in Schools, Racial Disparities in Health Care, Racial Disparities in Sentencing, Racial Profiling, Racism, Rape, Retail Profiling, Recycling and Conservation, Right to Work, Same-Sex Marriage, Sex Trade, Sexism, Sexual Harassment, Sexting, Shopping While Black, Single Parenting, Sleeper Cells, Smoking / Tobacco Use, Social Networking and Privacy, Spousal Abuse, Stand Your Ground Laws, Steroid Use in Sports, Stereotyping, Suicide, Sweat Shops, Teen Pregnancy, Terrorism, Texting While Driving, Texting While Walking, Unemployment, Union Busting, Vigilantism, Violence in Schools, Violence in Music Videos, Violence in Video Games, Voter Disenfranchisement, Voting Rights Restrictions, and Workplace Violence.

We are bombarded by negative thoughts all day long through social media, television news and digital communications. This is causing record amounts of depression in our society, and is increasing 20% a year since 2012. We all need positive thoughts. It is as easy as just smiling more often during the day. Say simple things like ‘hello’, ‘thank you’, and ‘you’re welcome’ to people around you, especially to those that you do not know. Spending less time online, and with your family. Stop living because you have to, start living because you want to. Live, love and be happy because it is very contagious to those around you to live the same way. It is time to create your utopia.


Note: I started this post on Facebook, but wanted to take it a little farther. The LONG list of contemporary social problems was found on, University of Maryland. The depression statistic was found at Depression Facts & Statistics 2012 Infographic.

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